Reflective Practice Groups for Health, Social Care and Psychotherapy Professionals

Working with people within the health, social care and therapy sectors means as professionals we also need to look after ourselves. It is common for us to be touched by a client’s story, and often their experience resonates with our own. In small groups, I work with professionals and trainees to help them reflect on themselves, their family experiences and explore how these may show up in practice situations with clients. I have developed a training and reflexive programme, suitable for workplace settings within the education and practice contexts.

Stellar Magazine Article

Preparing for Christmas? Do you need ways to survive those tricky family situations over the festive period? Check out @valerieloftus @stellarmagazine for my advice on how to deal with family relationships especially those annoying comments or questions from our nearest and dearest….

Stellar Magazine article

Is blood thicker than water when it comes to relationships? Was Megan Markle right to not invite her father to her Wedding? Is estrangement from some family members the only answer sometimes? These are some of the questions I tried to answer in my contribution to a piece by Valerie Loftus in this months (March) Stellar Magazine. Thanks, Karen.

My “child” has gone to college……

As a parent you may have some mixed feelings when your son/daughter goes to college. If they are the first to “flee the nest” it can be difficult to judge how much space you should give them. A text here and there to say you’re thinking of them helps and say to them that you’d like to hear from them once in awhile!!!

College-the best days of your life?

By now you have had a few weeks in college. Your biggest worry may not be about academic work, but how you will make friends. Remember, while you may hear others say college days are the best days of your life, it takes time to make friends! My advice? Be patient, relax about it and join in EVERYTHING! You will get to know others but it takes time…..

Ireland AM Appearance

I will be appearing on Ireland AM this Friday 25th August to answer viewer’s questions/dilemmas. We will also have a dedicated piece on helping families deal with separation.

Ireland AM Appearance

Delighted to be appearing on Ireland AM tomorrow morning 28th July at 9.35am and 10.10am, to answer viewers dilemmas/questions.