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Keep Calm and Carry On-Dealing with the lead-up to exams

For young people and parents the lead-up to exam time can be a difficult time to deal with. As there is likely to be more anxiety around, tempers can flare, moodiness can be frequent and this can contribute to rows and poor communication in families. Parents and siblings often report they are feeling like “they are walking on eggshells” around exam time.

While parents are trying to encourage their young person, the teenager may feel this as added pressure on them in terms of having also to please their parent(s). So the parent may be better served if they were to be a calm steady presence in the background for their son or daughter. By this I mean paying attention to their basic needs-good food, proper sleep and encouragement to take some study breaks, may be more useful than quizzing them on their study plans and how much they get done each day.

For parents and students alike while this is a stressful time, staying calm and looking after each other may ultimately be the best way of coping with the exam lead-up.

Hope this has been of some help. If you need further support feel free to contact me through the website.